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How to Train a Labrador Retriever - 3 Important Things To Know
You are going to need to have some idea's about how to train a Labrador Retriever, before you start your training program. You will need to think about what techniques to use, how long to make your lessons and how many lessons to have daily.
I have trained my very own Labrador Retriever and I will share a few important tips with you. Firstly let me say that you own a very intelligent dog and if you train your Lab correctly from the start, you will have many hours of enjoyment during the whole process.
Tip 1 - Lots of positive reinforcement
Think about it for a moment, when you are learning something new, you are pretty ordinary at it at first, right? So how can you expect your puppy or dog to be any different. You have seen dogs sit, or stay or heel many many times, but your dog has never seen or heard of it ever. Be patient with your Labrador and when he/she does what you want, then give him/her a treat. Never give a treat for a half hearted attempt by your dog, or when your dog just doesn't do as its told.
Tip 2 - Don't hit your dog
Dogs respond to body language or the tone of your voice. It's enough for you to say "No" in a short deep voice for the dog to get the hint. They will also notice your body language isn't as friendly as usual. Hitting or kicking your dog will just cause the dog to rebel and you will not get the best out of him/her, it could possibly bring out an aggressive side. The best way to discipline dogs is to catch them in the act, and deal with it then, firmly but fairly. This way they can associate the discipline with the act. I realize that dogs can be very trying at times, especially when they have just chewed up your best shoes - again. However, hitting the dog hours after the event, will just confuse him/her.
Tip 3 - Make sure your dog know who's the boss
This one is a common mistake. Believe me, you are not doing your dog any favors at all by treating them as an equal. Simple things such as making the dog sit, before it is fed. Going through a door first before the dog or not stepping over your dog, if it happens to be in the way, the dog needs to move in order for you to pass through. All of this will send the message to your dog that you are the "Top Dog" and they will not challenge you, knowing that you are the boss.
Keep your lessons short, you will get to know how long before your dog loses concentration, but try about 5 - 10 minute lessons, depending on the age of your dog, 3 - 4 times per day. This is more than enough for you to train your dog.

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